Cash App data breach could have impacted more than 8 million users


Cash App

Cash App data breach could have impacted more than 8 million users

More than 8 million mobile payment app (Cash App) users may have been affected by a private data breach, according to a recent report issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission by parent company Block Inc.by parent organization Block Inc.

On Monday, Block announced that it had taken in a former worker who downloaded "certain reports on the Additional Cash App Investing LLC" in December without permission.

Cash application, claimed by Block, Inc., in 2013. (Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images / LightRocket by Getty Images / Getty Images)

This information, according to the documents, excluded usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, birthday events, locations, or financial balance data. I did, whatever it was, the full names and numbers of money market funds that the organization said were used to identify the "movement of a customer's stock in Cash App Investing."

For some clients, the downloaded information additionally included an “estimate of the business portfolio, financier’s portfolio holdings, or potential stock exchange actions for one exchange day.”

After Block was considered to break the information, the organization said it, along with outside advice, sent an examination of the matter with the help of a major crime scene investigation firm.

The main customers affected, as evidenced by the filing, are 8.2 million Cash App customers at various times who use Cash App Investing. The organization said it was trying to contact these customers to give them data regarding the incident.

Programmed image representation. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Similarly, the organization said it had informed the police that the information had been cut.

The documents state that “it is difficult to predict future expenses related to this event”. ““While the company has not yet completed the ring examination, given its initial assessment and based on currently known data, the company has not yet accepted the event will truly affect its business, mission or financial results.”

In a statement to Fox News, a representative for Cash App said the organization is "focused on the security" of its customers.

“At Cash App, we value customer trust and focus on the security of customer data.” “During discovery, it took us longer to solve this problem and introduced testing with the help a large criminal company. We know how these reports were obtained, and we told the police. In addition, we were affected by contacting clients with their information. Furthermore, we are moving into audit and strengthening regulatory shields. specialized in data protection.

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