Elon Musk Said He Wants To Buy Twitter For The "Future Of Civilization"

Elon Musk Said He Wants To Buy Twitter For The "Future Of Civilization"

Elon Musk Said He Wants To Buy Twitter For The "Future Of Civilization"

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his proposal to buy Twitter was about his longing to "increase the trust of Twitter as a public stage" — not about criticism. "I can't really care about money," he said at a TED Live meeting in Vancouver on Thursday.

"My strong gut feeling," he said, "is that a general stage of supreme and comprehensive confidence is crucial to the fate of civilization."

The comments come hours after Musk revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that he had made an offer to buy the unofficial organization for $43 billion, or $54.20 per share of real money. Musk said he believes in the organization as a stage of free speech, adding that it should "change as a privately owned company."

"I think this is going to be somewhat difficult," he said.

Musk continued his approach to making the control options clearer. He said he needs open source Twitter accounts and be more receptive so that customers can understand how their tweets are affected by the organization's independent directors. “This activity needs to be clarified so that anyone can see that this step is done,” Musk said. "So there isn't any kind of background control, either computationally or physically."

Last week, Musk revealed that he had acquired a 9.2% stake in the organization, making him the largest single investor in it. He was also offered a seat on Twitter's board of directors, but this week he turned down the position, according to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. Soon after reporting his stake, Musk appeared to be signaling his expanded contribution to the organization with an investigative tweet inquiring if they needed a "change" button for tweets, a long-awaited feature for some premium customers.

In the filing, Musk said his takeover offer was "his best and last deal" and that if he isn't recognized, he will need to reconsider his partner status. "Twitter has extraordinary potential," he wrote. "I will open it."

However, while Musk is confident in ensuring Twitter remains bent on free speech and believes the organization must make shifts in strategy, "I'm not actually going to be there changing the tweets," he said. Similarly, Musk noted that he was confident that taking control of the organization's power wouldn't be "overly hopeless" for him.

Musk was for some time one of Twitter's most visible clients, with 81.7 million followers. During a TED Live meeting with Chris Anderson, Musk discussed his use of the platform - which makes a lot of sense. "I get a real toilet feeling or something like, 'Oh my God, this is entertaining,'" Musk said, and tweeted that.

When asked if there is a "Plan B" assuming Twitter rejects his proposal, Musk said, "There is," but declined to expand. "For a while, I think."

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