Symptoms of gluten sensitivity


Symptoms of gluten sensitivity

Symptoms of gluten sensitivity

Gluten intolerance, or as it is called wheat allergy, is a common occurrence that usually affects the digestive system and causes some disorders in it. In all respects, this allergy rarely causes severe problems to your body. What are the symptoms of gluten sensitivity?


Symptoms of gluten sensitivity in infants

Gluten sensitivity can occur in infants due to an incomplete immune system, and symptoms may appear within minutes to hours after eating gluten-free food. Among the most famous of these symptoms are the following: [1]

Swelling, itching, or irritation in the mouth or throat. A rash, with itching and swelling. Nasal congestion. Having trouble breathing. The occurrence of diarrhea.

Symptoms of gluten sensitivity in children

Symptoms of gluten sensitivity in children may appear within hours to days of eating foods that contain gluten. Here are some of these symptoms:  

Brain fog is the most common symptom of gluten sensitivity. Children with this symptom often feel tired and exhausted. They may have trouble concentrating or completing tasks. Headaches or migraines. It is not normal for children to suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. So, if your child has constant headaches, this could be a sign of gluten sensitivity. feeling dizzy Acne or rash with itchy elbows, knees, buttocks, and the back of the neck. Having pain or numbness in the joints. Diarrhea, flatulence, or constipation. Stomach bloating.

Symptoms of gluten sensitivity in adults

Many symptoms may indicate that you have gluten sensitivity, but these signs can indicate other diseases. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a doctor to ensure that you have gluten sensitivity. The following are the most important signs of this allergy: [3]

Diarrhea or constipation, foul-smelling stools, and a change in stool color. Abdominal and stomach bloating. Having abdominal pain. Dry skin, rashes, acne, and eczema. Involuntary loss of weight, due to the presence of digestive disorders. Having a chronic headache or migraine. Feeling tired and tired. Inflammation and pain in joints and muscles.

Symptoms of gluten sensitivity on the skin

Although gluten sensitivity primarily affects the digestive system, it can also affect your skin with the following diseases and symptoms:  

Eczema. psoriasis; young love. skin dryness. Vixen. Skin rash. hair loss;

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