Goodbye Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, hello there, Galaxy Z Fold 3!


Goodbye Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, hello there, Galaxy Z Fold 3!

Goodbye Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, hello there, Galaxy Z Fold 3!

After using the Galaxy S22 Ultra for three months, I decided to switch back to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for several reasons. I wasn't fit to contain my happiness as I pulled the Galaxy Z Fold 3 out of its sleeping place while saying "hello there" to the device in elegant Obi-Wan Kenobi print.


 As a longtime addict of the Galaxy Note series, I was really happy when Samsung decided to liven up the device in the form of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The cube shape, S Pen silo, and distinctive Galaxy Note design were more than enough to make suckers like me fall in love with the device.

 I have been using the Galaxy S22 Ultra as my daily driver since the device was introduced. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was my previous flagship device for that. In fact, while I was relatively impressed with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it wasn't enough for me to feel like I was missing out on a good.

 The biggest reason for my decision to go back is the size. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a big device and yes, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a massive amount of space, but only when you open the device. As long as you're using the cover screen, it's relatively manageable. Since I've been using foldable devices heavily nearly three times, the Galaxy S22 Ultra felt unnecessarily spacious, which made me want to go back to folding again.

 True, the Galaxy Z Fold 3's wide and narrow screen cover doesn't hold a candle to the Galaxy S22 Ultra's display. However, it is a forfeiture of what it is supposed to do. I don't need to unlock the device to do a lot of what I need to do throughout the day. The device is good in the hand and the grip is solid.

There is also the issue of screen real estate. However, I will get more goods from them, if I get used to more space. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 at least gives me access to what is essentially a small tablet-sized screen when I open the device. For work and play, the comfort and experience the indoor device provide remain unparalleled.


 Now I understand that this last part is down to a certain preference. I find it hard to go back to normal smartphone use after using the galère. In fact, even though I've been using it nearly three times, it still feels special and a joy to use. I didn't get that feeling with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it's as cool as this device.

 To this day, every time I unlock my Galaxy Z Fold 3, I am amazed by how special and exceptional it is. Not everyone will have that feeling, I get it, but I'm kind of comparing the feeling to seeing a fictional supercar driving around. Sure, it has four buses like any other car and gets you from place to place, but at least it looks cool doing it. You cannot peel your eyes from it. This is how attractive I find foldable devices compared to traditional phones.

 This does not mean that there is something wrong with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. far from it! The Galaxy S22 Ultra's camera setup gets the Galaxy Z Fold 3 out of the water, especially for shooting in low light at night. A better camera setup is one of the most important details on the Galaxy Z Fold 4's wishlist for a reason.

 The Galaxy S22 Ultra also has the brightest screen in the works and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 doesn't really come close. Both the cover and the inner screen don't get bright, which is a big problem if you tend to use the phone outside a lot in direct sunlight. This is one of the major blows I've had to get used to since the transformation.

 However, let me swear it to you if you're stuck in the dilemma of buying a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy S22 Ultra. Both are exceptional high-end devices, however, it is exceptional and special, get the Galaxy Z Fold 3, if you prefer swimming against drifts and want an exciting good. You're looking for it if it isn't.

 Still, buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra, if you want a powerful flagship smartphone that ticks all the boxes and is just the perfect all-around device. What I also recommend is to try the Galaxy S22 first. It is a good enough device with a decent camera setup. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra's crazy camera setup won't do you more than the Galaxy S22 can if you tend to use your phone's camera on the bus and do nothing. Messing with advanced settings.


 Those who can get the best performance out of their camera setup will find that nothing comes with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Now that's good consumer advice if anything!

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