What is an Email Campaign: Definition and Guide

What is an Email Campaign: Definition and Guide

What is an Email Campaign: Definition and Guide

Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is a coordinated set of individual emails that are developed over a specific period of time for a specific purpose. These specific goals or calls to action (CTAs) may include: receiving a technical document, signing up for a web page, or making a purchase.

Every email requires a well-written subject line, content focus, and a specific agenda to achieve the organization's goal.

As with most digital systems, the bottom line should be a balance between education and interaction, leading people to participate without much or without the promise of what's inside. Those who do not represent what is inside them will be judged accurately.

Content-focused content should be relevant to the overall concept of your email marketing campaign and the audience at large. In many email campaings, dynamic content marketing can be used to attract different audiences within their companies.

Good email marketing campaigns usually include one main CTA with the option of a secondary CTA. Call-to-action buttons should be clear and bold without crushing or removing the message itself.

Email campaigns are often sent through email providers, such as Campaign Monitor. Typically, you want to be part of your audience to know that each part receives personalized content related to their specific interests or needs.

One-time email marketing campaigns can send or download a series of messages that have been sent over a specified period of time. However, for many messages, it's important to remain consistent with your overall concept, even if your calls to action differ in individual messages.

    Why should I send email campaigns?

    •  Emails help nurture leads
    • Emails help keep customers engaged
    • With emails, you can collect data about subscribers
    • Emails help convert
    • Emails help your business improve

    Email marketing makes communication with customers easier and more efficient. Email campaigns are a valid link between your company and your audience. It not only helps increase sales but build your brand image. Below we list some of the goals you can achieve by sending out email marketing campaigns.

    •  Emails help nurture leads

    . Each one requires a new lead before making the first purchase for maintenance. The job of your marketing firms is to provide them with the right educational materials. They include how-to guides, demos, workshops, webinars, useful papers, tutorials, etc. It includes any email that the user takes to the sales funnel. Early warning and removal of all potential pain points a user could face while engaging with your brand.

    • Emails help keep customers engaged

    . It is now difficult to get users interested in the brand. So you should come up with new ideas and new offers. Email is just a place to experiment. Through this channel, you can share great information, show your expertise, and offer exclusive activities.

    • With emails, you can collect data about subscribers

    . To provide each user with unique access, you need to collect information about them. With campaign email, this task is as easy as pie. All you have to do is ask your subscribers to share some important business information with you through craft ads and personalized offers. Then you can segment everything and submit content that belongs to each group.

    • Emails help convert

    . Using all this personal information about your customers, you can create unique promotions for each user. You will discover their interactions with your brand and learn about their great products and buying habits - they will help you send emails to customers using the activities. As a result, you will increase your email activity and sales.

    • Emails help your business improve

    . Ask customers for their opinions. You can do this right after purchase or through the domain from an approved basis. Ask your customers what is best for your brand, the problems they face, and what they feel has been corrected.

    These goals are just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the angle and type of your business, you can set different goals and achieve them with email campaigns. With professional merchants and services like SendPulse, this won't be a challenge for you.

    When is the best time to send an email campaign?

    The best time to send an email depends on the topic of the messages, the lifestyle and habits of your audience, and the day of the week.

    Usually the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, because Monday is the most frequent day of the week, and on Friday, people try not to leave anything for the next week and do their work for the week. Saturday and Sunday are often family days, so most weekend members enjoy relaxing and not reading. Check out our blog to learn more about the best time to send email.

      The best hours are:

      •  around 6 am: how many people used to check in bed;
      • around 10 am: because people also check their emails at the beginning of the work day;
      • around 2 p.m: because people are resting for lunch or coffee;
      • It's from eight noon until midnight, and during these hours men are generally free, and many of them do not read before bed.

      However, it is much easier to know when to send the worst email in many campaigns: the drawback is that emails are read at rush hour when people exchange at work and at night, and there is a risk of waking them up. It is best to avoid these hours.

      A/B testing is needed to know the optimal time to send emails for your business. A/B tests measure the success of an email campaign with open accounts and click rates.

      When you find the best time to email your business, you can set up your campaigns effectively with SendPulse.

      Email Campaign Types

        • Welcome emails
        • Announcement emails
        • Testimonial request emails
        • Holiday emails
        • Invitation emails
        • Seasonal emails
        • Reactivation emails
        • Abandoned shopping cart emails
        • Cross-selling emails
        • Upselling emails
        • Newsletters
        • Anniversary emails

        There are many types of online campaigns, you need to choose a style that will achieve your goal.

        Welcome emails.

         A welcome email is sent when a user registers for your trademark. Ask customers to confirm their preferences regarding the number of email addresses and the content they will receive.

        Announcement emails.

         They are sent to announce upcoming holidays, event, work release or new feature, etc. Our goal is to encourage subscribers to be interested in buying or visiting.

        Testimonial request emails.

         This email is sent to the organization asking customers to provide feedback on stopping, commenting, reviewing, or completing the corrective service.

        Holiday emails. 

        This type of email service runs holiday discounts before Halloween, Black Friday, Internet Monday, Christmas, New Year, and other holidays. It builds trust and strengthens positive emotions in association with your brand.

        Invitation emails.

         Emails are sent to lazy customers who have lost or forgotten about your business. Just don't say goodbye to them, try to energize them and remind them how much you can share.

        Seasonal emails.

         Intended for sending relevant seasonal offers like umbrellas in Fall, or sunglasses in Summer, for instance.

        Abandoned shopping cart emails.

         Sometimes subscribers leave the cart without buying anything for any reason. The abandoned cart email address invites subscribers to the shopping cart and invites them to complete the purchase.

        Reactivation emails.

        Cross-selling emails. 

        This type of email promotes related campaigns. If your customer buys a store, the phone is probably great for cross-selling.

        Upselling emails.

        Describes and presents valuable developments, promotions and products that customers have previously considered or purchased.

        The members' email address is a very cliched campaign.


         provide customers with great, non-promotional information. If you do well, financial brands help build confidential and trusted relationships with people.

        Anniversary emails.

         Using this type of email, you can congratulate subscribers on the anniversary of their company and reward your loyal customers. Increase sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty

        Email Campaign Services

        To build relationships with your audience and increase sales through email campaigns, you need a professional email service. It will help you design beautiful emails without technical knowledge, improve email delivery and automate routine tasks. There are many players in the email marketing game today, and they generally offer the same features. They only differ in pricing, features, and the amount of email for their free plan.

        SendPulseMailChimpGetResponseConstant Contact
        Free plan/trial limitations500 subscribers, up to 15,000 emails per month2,000 subscribers, up to 12,000 emails per month30-day free trial30-day free trial
        Automation✔ (+ SMS and web push notifications)
        Drag and drop editor
        24/7 technical support

          How to Design an Email Campaign

          We have compared the four most popular email marketing services to help you choose the best one for your business.

            Design an email campaign

          • Use the inverted pyramid method
          • Leave some space in the text
          • Maintain your brand identity
          • Develop a matching design
          • Responsive design implementation
          • Use helpful resources to speed up the process

          Use the inverted pyramid method. 

          The inverted pyramid makes email easy to read. Build the content from the most important parts at the top to the smallest parts at the bottom - it should look like a funnel. There is usually a big picture at the top, then comes the narrow part of the text and at the bottom comes the call to action, the smaller part. Such a design will "hand" your reader to the CTA at the bottom of your email.

          Leave some space in the text. Keep in mind that over the years since email has existed, people are accustomed to reading bold text on a light background. An abundance of bright colors can overwhelm the reader and make him leave the page blind. Break the text in emails into small parts. Save space between blocks of text, images, and buttons.

          Maintain your brand identity. 

          Use email campaigns as an extension of your brand's website and social media pages. Keep colors, fonts, and tone of language consistent across all areas of your brand marketing. Otherwise, your emails will appear unprofessional, cheap, or unrecognizable to customers.

          Develop a matching design. 

          Create a design that fits the goals of your email campaign. Keep in mind that the regular newsletter and email celebrating Valentine's Day are different because they offer different value. You can use free SendPulse email templates for your email campaigns and simplify this process.

          Implement responsive design. 

          Modern adaptive designs are a must in email marketing today. With a responsive design, your emails will look professional on any device, whether it's a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. All emails created with SendPulse have a responsive design by default.

          Use helpful resources to speed up the process.

           There are a few stock photo sites that stand out from the company's consolidated resource crowd: Death to The Stock Photo, Unsplash, and free isography. There are also tools for creating images like PlaceIt and Canva. Also, you can use huge icon libraries like stylish themes and dry icons for your email marketing campaigns.


          If you don't have time to create your own template, you can use editable pre-made templates. Each email service offers ready-made templates. With a template like this, all you have to do is replace the default text and images with your own. You can also modify the colors, fonts, background, etc.

          SendPulse offers a variety of free templates for any occasion or event. You'll definitely find a form to notify your customers of an upcoming sale, congratulate them on a big holiday, remind them of an abandoned cart, and more.

          If you receive a pending email and want to use its design, you can use SendPulse to do so. With our Chrome extension, customers can save any email as a PDF, full screenshot or HTML template, edit it to your liking and send it to your mailing list. The extension is free.

          If you are looking to increase awareness and awareness of your brand, we recommend creating and editing a unique, branded subscription form before submitting a campaign. This way, your audience will get to know your design and relate it to your business. Also, you don't need to know HTML or any technical skills to create a professional subscription form.

          With a drag and drop editor, you can create an email in less than an hour. Drag and drop the necessary elements into your template, design it your way, add videos and links to your social networks. Every email created with SendPulse is responsive by default, so it looks great on any screen resolution.

          The screenshot below shows what it looks like to compose an email. Drag items from the left side and edit them on the right side.

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